Wedding Crafts

My husband and I were recently married in Disney World in May.  Here are some of the crafts that I made for our big day.

Place Cards 
Our colors for our wedding were teal, black, siver and hot pink.  We created these place cards for our guests.  Each color was a different entree and the black ones were for the children.  At the top of the motif there are swarovski crystals in the shape of Mickey.  The crystals match the color of the background paper, which is glitter paper from American Crafts.

Welcome Bags

When our guest arrived at their hotel in Florida, they found Welcome bags from us.  We bought the bags from the Disney Store.  They were reusable bags so our guests could use them throughout their trip.  Attached to the bags was a little tag from Ariel, the Little Mermaid.  If you can't read it, it says "I swam in to leave you a welcome treat.  I'm so happy you are here because you're so sweet!  Take some time to settle in and enjoy the goodies.  Then come to the parks - I'll be waiting from you."  Signed by Ariel

Inside the welcome bags was a folder with a welcome letter from my fiancee and I, the schedule for the wedding, our schedule for the weeks we were in Florida, helpful tips about Disney, theme park maps and times.
 On the outside of the folders was a welcome poster/letter that we made for each of the resorts our guests stayed in.

 I created these labels for our guests.  We put them on water bottles and candy bars for our guests and put them in the welcome bags.

These are hard to see, but they are little Mickey soaps.  I bought them from a great seller on etsy.  My fiancee and I put them in little bags.  I probably should have put a label on them explaining that they were soap because 2 of my guests bit into them, thinking they were some kind of jelly candy.

For the guests who had small children, we put in some random coloring activities and games that I bought from Micheal's dollar bins.

I also created autograph books for the kids.  The pages were created by a friend from the DisBoards.  I uploaded the pictures to and created a hard cover autograph book that had their name on it and the year they visited Disney.  The kids loved them and so did the characters.  They were so excited to have a page to themselves with their picture.

Rehearsal Invitations

We choose to do a wedding luncheon, instead of a rehearsal dinner.  We had our rehearsal around 11 at Disney's Wedding Pavilion.  Afterward, we walked over to the Grand Floridian for a buffet lunch.  These are the invitations that I sent out to our bridal party, parents, and grandparents.  I used my Cricut and the Disney Classics Cricut cartridge.  I had to create about 20 of these, so it took me a while.  All the images came from the cartridge.

The "Your Invited" I created on my computer and printed on shimmery white paper.  The background for the whole invitation is done on American Crafts white glitter paper.  The flower is from Recollections Floral Embellishments.

The inside of the invitation was created on the computer by a friend of mine.  She did an amazing job.  I printed them and added the White Rabbit that I made with my Cricut.

Mickey Ribbon Ball

These may be hard to see, but instead of having my flower girls carry flowers, I made Mickey head ribbon balls for them to carry down the aisle.  I used 3 styrofoam balls.  One was 3 inches and the 2 for the ears were 2 inches.  I tried gluing the balls to each other but they wouldn't stick.  I ended up shoving a kabob stick through the top of the ear, into the base ball.  This made them really sturdy.   
Once the ears were on, I tied a ribbon around the ball to create the handle.  I was worried about the girls swinging them around and the handles following off.  Luckily this did not happen.  After the handle was in place I got my ribbon together.  I used 5 different types of ribbon, different sizes.  I cut the ribbon into 1 and a half inch strips.  These I looped and pinned with sewing pins.  I also used Beacon Hold the Foam. Styrofoam Glue.  I didn't want the pins to come out and stick the girls.

Overall, these Mickey heads were a hit.  The girls loved them and they would be able to have them for a very long time, without worrying for them to dry up.

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